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GGCB Joins Association of Concert Bands

Association of Concert BandsWith the many complexities of running an organization to make the community a better place, it really helps to join other organizations that share a similar vision. The Association of Concert Bands ( has more than 1,100 member bands, and our very own Greater Greenwood Community Band is now among them.

ACB provides members with an important range of valuable benefits. One of the benefits is access to sample bylaws. This is relevant to us since our own GGCB board recently spent a significant amount of time reviewing organizational bylaws for possible updates and revisions to streamline voting processes. The association membership provides discounts on useful services such as BMI and ASCAP music licenses, insurance, web services, music repository for sharing sheet music between bands, and provides a collection of administrative documents, newsletters, and a national convention.

Our band directors and board expect receive a wealth of practical information and resources from our ACB membership and hope that the band and the greater community of Greenwood will soon reap the rewards.

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