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Unheard Of Instruments In The Sa

Unheard of Instruments in the Saxophone Family

Rare, Unusual, Odd Saxophones

I started to share this video about unheard of saxophones with my fellow sax quartetians via email, but decided other people might enjoy seeing it, too. With that being said, if you have any interest in saxophones and oddball variations thereof, you will enjoy this video.

What’s the most unusual instrument you have ever played? Post in the comments below.

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Andrew AngleStarted playing sax in 1979. 35 years of tooting the horn.View all posts by Andrew Angle →

  1. Andrew Angle
    Andrew Angle05-17-2015

    The most unusual instrument I have ever played (or TRIED to play) is a duduk (pronounced “doo-dook”). It was a gift from the father of an Armenian exchange student our family hosted. It’s uncommon here, but definitely not unusual in in her country. It’s considered the oldest double reed instrument. Don’t expect to see them in an American concert band performance anytime soon.

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