Here’s the band’s current “Official” video, if there is such a thing.

It’s fun to watch all of the activity that goes on at our shows! What you are seeing here is the Children’s Concert we played on Sunday, July 13, 2014. TURN UP YOUR SOUND!

With so many musicians in the band you can see a flurry of activity at every performance.

Time-wise, for that “1,000 hours” claim, let’s do the math. Figure that we average approximately 80 active members. Our 80 musicians rehearse from 7 to 9 every Thursday evening. Add the driving time to the rehearsal, being early to get warmed up, putting away the instrument when finished, driving home, and that’s probably closer to a band-wide average of 6:30 to 9:30, or three hours for each rehearsal. 80 members times 3 hours = 240 hours per rehearsal. With the 80 players participating in 42 rehearsals per year that’s 10,800 hours. The time for 10 local concerts which usually require suiting up, setting up, and cleaning up after the show averages to 2 hours 15 minutes per concert per person. Multiply by 80 members and you have 1800 hours. The Wabash Band Festival is more like a 5 hour commitment with the travel, so there’s 400 hours. The people who run the band, the directors and board members, are occupied with roughly 200 hours time beyond rehearsals and concerts.

Concert Calculation:

10,800 rehearsal hours
 1,800 local concert hours
   400 away concert hours
   200 admin hours
13,200 hours
Dividing by 11 performances = 1,200 hours per concert

Below is a time lapse video captured by Andrew Angle’s GoPro Hero3+ camera running for about 1 1/2 hours and edited through its free GoPro Studio software. The music is selected from YouTube. Without using YouTube’s music the ads would go away. (But, that costs money and our group exists on generous donations from the community. Perhaps your donation can make the ads disappear by sponsoring our Greenwood non-profit organization?)

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