As a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, we rely on the generous donations of our members, patrons, local sponsors, and the City of Greenwood, Indiana to helps keep our band’s finances solvent. As a Greenwood Indiana non-profit, your effort goes a long way.

Helping is easy

The band’s annual operating expenses exceed $12,000 annually. Our board is very cautious with spending, using every dollar wisely, knowing that we are here to preserve the concert band music experience for the greater Greenwood community and beyond. If you would like to make a contribution, you can be a hero making a difference for the local arts around Greenwood, Indiana and beyond. We are known to travel (for free) to perform live at local community band festivals. Small donations or large, every little bit helps.

Kroger Community Rewards

What’s the simplest way to help fund the band without making a direct donation? Enroll your Kroger Rewards card in the Kroger Community Rewards program and set Greater Greenwood Community Band as the recipient of Kroger’s donations. A small portion of every purchase you make will be allocated to GGCB. Visit our Kroger Community Rewards signup page to get started. Everybody should do this one!

Cash Donations

You can also offer a direct donation by writing a check to Greater Greenwood Community Band. You can bring the check to one of our concerts, or send it to our address as shown on our Contact Us page.

Restaurant Fundraisers

Some local restaurants offer fundraisers that contribute a percentage of the proceeds to our organization. We have received a few hundred dollars by participating in Buffalo Wild Wings and Bob Evans fundraisers.


Business sponsorships are also available through direct donations that can help provide local exposure to our audiences and through cooperative advertising opportunities. If you have a business and would like to show the community that you support our efforts, one of our board members would love to share some possibilities that you may find to be tax exempt.

Crew Car Wash Certificates

We have several Crew Car Wash certificates available. These are $8.00 car washes with our band receiving $4.00 for each certificate sold. We have plenty. Please let us know how many you need.

Other Donations

You might even be able to help by donating things such as office supplies, computer equipment, file cabinets, etc. One essential donation we would like to mention is the 900 sq ft office space donated to us by Community Hospital South. This space serves as our HQ for paperwork, as well as storage of our equipment and huge collection of sheet music (25 large file cabinets worth). We can’t give enough thanks to Community Hospital South by allowing us to use that space. It is in a building that’s vacant in anticipation of possible expansion in the future. If we had to pay commercial rent on space this nice, the rent alone would easily exceed our organization’s entire annual operating budget. The space probably won’t be available to us forever. If you know of any organization, school, or business that might have approximately 500 sq ft of air conditioned space, please let us know. It’s best to make such acquaintances and begin such discussions well in advance of the need pushing a short deadline upon us.

Get the word out

Local media sources often writes stories about us and helps spread the word about the good work our organization does, and the concerts we do. With 80 people on stage and hundreds of people in the audiences, people are reading, listening, and watching for GGCB news. It’s local. It’s art. It’s music. It’s culture. It’s YOU!

Decide and Do

If you have read this far, we thank you. By now you are thinking of ways that you can make a positive impact. If you would like to know that your donations are helping keep the concert band experience alive for our volunteer musicians and for our loyal audiences, this is how to do it. By taking action now, we will be rewarded, and so will you. It’s time to make a difference that helps us focus on our performances.

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