2022 Ireland Tour

Greater Greenwood Community Band has another rare opportunity to do something spectacular. We are now planning a concert tour in IRELAND! For a completely non-commercial non-profit band striving to preserve and share concert band music with the community, this is a big deal!

In 2017 with the help of a few generous donors we were able to do a concert tour of The Netherlands with performances in gorgeous venues in Amsterdam, Monnickendam, and in an outdoor amphitheater on a lovely day in Ilpendam. Each concert attracted a curious and thoroughly entertained Dutch crowd. This time, the dialect of the audience may sound different than the Dutch, but we can all bond in the sameness through the language of music.

Through the highly experienced planning of our friends at Music Travel, the details are impressively planned for everyone participating to enjoy a well-organized hassle-free experience, but we do need funding.

The bulk buying power of a group of our size goes a long way toward keeping expenses down to a level that would otherwise be unattainable for casual tourists planning such an excursion on their own. Music Travel knows the ins & outs of group travel and makes the complexities of international travel be smooth, hassle-free experience.

Due to members’ family & work schedules, plus the cost, many GGCB members will be staying home. It’s very likely that some parts will need to be filled by musicians from other local bands.

Greewood, Indiana band to perform live concert in St Mary's Cathedral, Ireland
Our band is invited to perform in St. Mary's Cathedral. Killarney, Ireland

What we sincerely hope to do is to get the word out that generous donations to the concert tour will go a long way toward helping band members reduce out-of-pocket costs for participation.

Let us ask you this. Is there anything you can do to help with fundraising and help make this concert tour a reality? Donations? Spread the word? A little of both?

You can donate through our PayPal link on our Sponsors page. Or, if you would like to have more information first, please contact us directly.