Joining the Band

GGCB is 90+ Musicians Strong

Greater Greenwood Community Band has a “no auditions required” policy. Our goal is to keep all of the parts within each section filled. The band does occasionally have empty seats needing a musician to take the part. When that happens, members often recommend and invite musicians they know to join.

If you play an instrument and would like to join, send us a message through our Contact Us page.

A few basic guidelines members follow:

  • Each section has a “Section Leader” assigned to determine which part each member of the section plays.
  • Members are expected to attend weekly rehearsals, especially the three rehearsals leading up to concerts.
  • Rehearsals are Thursday evenings from 7 to 9 pm.  The rehearsal location is usually set for the Greenwood Middle School, located on Averitt Road south of Smith Valley Road, and is sometimes either at the Greenwood Community High School or in the Surina Park Amphitheater when weather permits. Members are notified via email where rehearsals will take place.
  • Membership Dues are $25/year. This helps cover expenses, plus, having dues is one of the stated eligibility requirements for groups receiving some arts endowment grants.
  • Some voluntary effort on the operations side of our organization is highly appreciated and socially expected. The voluntary effort contributions range from concert setup to fundraising. We are a volunteer group with real expenses and insurance to pay, so whatever you can contribute in terms of time and talent helps keep the organization strong and growing.
  • In most cases, the member musicians use their own instruments.
  • We play music, but are also a social group. After rehearsals, many of our players can be seen hanging out for “happy hour” at local restaurants. Building friendships makes the band stronger and the experience more fun for everyone.
  • Non-playing volunteers/fans willing to help out with some of the operational, promotional, fundraising, and administrative office work are welcome to discuss your skills and interests with us to see where your contribution and talents can be most helpful to our organization.


Please send a message through the Contact Us page.