Music Travel Consultants, division of Star Travel: Services Inc. (*Agent’) acts onlY as Agent in praockng means of transportation or Other services. MI rickets are issued and all other soirees are offered or provided subject to any end a terms and conditions under which such means of transportation or other services are offered or provided. The issuance and acceptance of such sensoes shall be deemed to be cement to the further condition that Music Travel Consultants shall not be or become lath or responsible In any way In connection with such means of transportation or In connection with other services, or for any loss, Injury or damage to or In respect of any person or property howsoever caused or &gag The airlines and motor coaches and shim concerned are not to be held responsible for any act, omission or event dieing the time passengers are not absent the aidne or motor coeds or ship. Agent reserves the right to alter the Itinerary. My extra charges arising from such change mast be met by the Passenger. Agent restive; the right to cancel the tour Or to remove any Passenger from the tour; its sole Pettily In such Instance being the refund of al monies paid to it fa unused sewces. By acceptance of tour membership, Passenger agrees to the foregoing and also agrees that Agent shall not become gable or responsible la loss, damage, injury or inconvenience to Passenger and to htsfner possessions caused by or resulting from eminences, negligent or otherwise, Are to the malfunction or breakdown of machine” or eguipmerc, sures or labor deputes, acts of God, war or civil strife, ads of Governments or Civil Authorities, dexase, delays, fire, theft, weather, Men changes or canceladon of services or default by suppliers.