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Starting around 3:00 we will be setting up tables for kids to play musical instruments.

Children's Concert in Greenwood
Greater Greenwood Community Band at Surina Square Amphitheater Children’s Concert

Kids from 1 to 100 will enjoy this live concert in the park, featuring live performance of musical arrangements loved by kids and grownups alike. With fun, games, prizes, and the opportunity to play real musical instruments, this this annual concert is for fun for all ages!

Free refreshments and gift give-aways!

Would your kids like to try to play a real musical instrument? Before and after the concert we have what some refer to as a musical instrument “petting zoo”. Paige’s Music brings a wide assortment of instruments that we set out on tables in front of the stage to allow kids to experience playing a variety of real band instruments. Kids from previous years used this as an opportunity to choose their musical pathway through school and even started taking lessons early as a result.

Enjoy the Instruments Music Fun!

Kids trying real band instruments

This Childrens’ Concert MUSIC officially begins at 4:00. But, we will begin setting up the “instrument try-on” around 3:00. Arrive early for plenty of time to play real musical instruments before we wave the baton.

Bring your kids, grandkids, nephews, nieces and have them invite their friends! We are anticipating a crowd of 400 people for this show. You won’t want to miss this!

Kids can play musical insruments

"I may grow older, but I refuse to grow up..."

Children's Concert in Greenwood, Indiana (for kids and grown-ups)

Pets are welcome. If you do bring your dog, be sure to keep them on a short leash, keep a close eye on them, and to bring a poop sack for necessary clean up! 

This is one of the most popular annual concerts for kids around Indianapolis. For directions to Greenwood Amphitheater, please click the map link below. We hope to see YOU at the Sunday evening Childrens’ Concert!

You don't have to be a kid to enjoy this show!

Here’s a time lapse video from one of our previous Children’s Concerts in Greenwood

By the way… check out this video from our Just for Fun page.

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