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This was an incredible performance. The band was tight. The acoustics were like an echo chamber, with our music powerfully filling every corner of the cathedral. Beyond the music, what truly warmed our hearts was the kind welcome from the people in this village. Check out our photos from this day of our journey.

The second of three concerts from the “Hoosiers in Holland” concert tour by Greater Greenwood Community Band will be performed in Katholieke Kerk Nicolaas en Anthonius in Monnickerdam, Netherlands.

Experience the acoustic echos of American music resounding throughout a grand cathedral.

Greater Greenwood Community Band is a group of musician volunteers from Indiana, USA. The concerts always include free admission, and voluntary donations are always welcome.

Free Concert in Monnickerdam, Katholieke Kerk Nicolaas
R.K. Kerk H.H. Nicolaas en Antonius
Greater Greenwood Community Band Concert in Monnickerdam, Netherlands
Performing in R.K. Kerk H.H. Nicolaas en Antonius in Monnickerdam, Netherlands