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Get ready for Halloween

Looking for a musical haunt for Halloween season? Last year was a terrifying hit, and the survivors are ready to reincarnate the live concert event in the Greenwood High School auditorium. It’s here that everyone gets to experience some of our most intense music set against a backdrop of Hallows Eve.

This is a concert to remember!

Indiana Halloween Concert
  • No black ties. No crew neck shirt. Our band will be IN COSTUME!
  • Audience is invited to arrive in costume. (Optional, of course.)
  • This concert is thoroughly themed to Halloween, with monster music you may remember, and other melodies you will never forget. Prepare to be mesmerized as dancers dominate the stage.
  • The stage sets the mood with black lights, fog, video, spooks, and the unexpected.
  • Our social reception afterward is supplied with plenty of ghoulishly tasty snacks.
  • Halloween goodie bags are provided for each guest.
  • We may even have special guests this year.

Spooky, creepy, and fun!

Come over to haunt Greenwood High School on Sunday before Halloween for Tricks AND Treats!

Admission is FREE!


Here's video of our first Halloween concert

Be Warned!

If you like SPOILERS, the video below is from of our first annual Halloween-themed concert back in 2015. Watch out! This is the real thing! With this being our 4th annual Halloween concert, we change it up each year and have even more goodies including dinosaurs, but much of the sheet music will rise from the crypts (aka: file cabinets) for this year’s concert, too.

If you want this encounter to be a complete surprise, skip the video. Just come to the concert to experience it in the flesh.

Alien Abduction

Attention Media!

Promo images can be downloaded here: https://greenwoodband.org/press-room/