Past Concerts

GGCB typically schedules a dozen or more concerts each year and travels to a band festival or two. We play indoors during cold seasons and outdoors during warm seasons, and sometimes move indoors at the last minute if weather conditions don’t cooperate. Regardless of the time and place, every concert draws an audience headcount in the hundreds. Our community of fans look forward to our performances and invite their friends, all showing their appreciation through generous applause. Check out our calendar of past events and imagine the memories that the crowds carried home. Greater Greenwood Community Band serves to entertain our community, strengthen musicianship, and to preserve the concert band music experience for generations to come.

We have been performing live concerts since 1993. The list below contains an archive of our performances since the start of 2015.

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Partial List of Past Concerts (2015-2018)

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List of Past Concerts (2020)

Sun. February 23 @ 5 pm (DONE!) Side By Side Concert @ Greenwood High School Auditorium
Tue. March 10 @ 7 pm (DONE!) Warren Central Band Festival
Sun. April 19 @ 5 pm (Canceled by Covid) Spring Concert @ Greenwood High School Auditorium
Sun. May 31 @ 5 pm (Canceled by Covid) Summer Concert @ Amphitheater
Sun. June 14-Mon. June 22 Ireland Tour (Postponed to 2021)
Fri. June 26 @ 7 pm (Canceled by Covid) Patriotic Concert @ Amphitheater
Thur. July 9 @ 7 pm (Canceled by Covid) Garfield Park Concert
Sun. August 9 @ 5 pm Noblesville Park Concert
Sun. August 16 @ 7 pm (Rescheduled) Noblesville Park Concert
Sat. August 22 @ 7 pm (DONE!) GGCB Concert in the Greenwood Amphitheater (Not having multi-band festival. Only GGCB.)
Sat. September 26 @ 5 pm (DONE!) “Back Home In Indiana” Concert @ Amphitheater
Sun. October 25 @ 5 pm (Canceled by Covid) Halloween Concert @ Greenwood High School Auditorium No venue available.
Sun. December 13 @ 5 pm (Canceled by Covid) Christmas Concert @ Greenwood High School Auditorium No venue available.