volunteer opportunities greenwood indianaNew volunteer opportunities in Greenwood, IN

As an all-volunteer group we only get paid through applause. In addition to roles for instrumental musicians, several opportunities are open to people who would love to help tackle other necessary duties within our group. These include administrative roles we offer include creative roles such as helping with stage lighting, stage props, stage effects, dance demonstrations, photography, videography, assisting our Webmaster with our WordPress web design and development, boosting public relations and communications through authoring page content and blog posts, seeking sponsorships, distributing posters, etc. Volunteers are also needed at concerts to help with essentials such as loading, hauling, and unloading equipment, setting up sound / PA equipment, recording concerts for archival purposes, hoisting the big flag, handing out programs, post-concert cleanup, and helping with refreshments after our indoor concerts. Although we have about 80 member musicians, our musicians are busy practicing, warming up, and playing the instruments on stage during the concerts. What we really need to fill are non-playing volunteer opportunities in Greenwood, perhaps from someone who would otherwise be in the audience anyway. These volunteers would get to enjoy the concerts while taking an active role in making the shows possible without the musicians having to sacrifice any parts of the musical performance. Would you like to join our group as a NON-PLAYING MEMBER? If so, please contact us at moc.liamgnull@dnabcgg to let us know. Use the subject line “Volunteering as non-playing member”. We hope to hear from you soon!